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Bulk Seed

Available by the pound or by the bag.

Barley Fields
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We have several varieties of clover in stock! 
Ladino White
Legacy White
Duration Red
Crimson Red
Medium Red 
We can also special order other varieties including yellow clover, which is a favorite with our bee keepers!

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If you are planning on planting or re-seeding a pasture or hay field; let us help!
We have a custom blend that has been specially mixed for our region.
Pomeroy Hay & Pasture - This blend includes orchard grass, alfalfa, timothy, clover and rye.
We also stock the following:
Annual Rye Grass
Orchard Grass
Sorghum Sudangrass
Perennial Rye
Vernal Alfalfa
Farm Pro Alfalfa 
Tuuka Timothy
Tall Fescue
If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask, chances are we can get it in for you!

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Wildlife Plot

We have a custom wildlife blend for both spring and fall! Our fall blend contains winter peas, appin turnips, purple top turnips, groundhog radishes, buck forage oats, rape essex & clover. Our spring blend is made up of forage soybeans, duration red clover, rape essex, appin turnips & ladino clover.

We also stock the following seed so that you can put together your own blend!

Austrian Winter Peas

Buck Forage Oats



Sugar Beets

Appin Turnips

Purple Top Turnips

Torpedo Radishes 

Rape Essex

Peredovik Sunflower

Bulk Seed: About
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