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We have a wide variety of fertilizers in both bags and in bulk. We have fertilizer spreaders available at no cost to you, with bulk fertilizer purchases. If you are unsure what you need, we offer soil testing services also. When you receive your soil analysis, just bring it in & one of our experts will be happy to assist you! We strive to help you get the best yields possible!

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Fertilizer Blends

Bulk Fertilizer

    9-23-30                  19-19-19

    5-14-42                  11-27-27 

12-12-12                18-46-0

46-0-0                    0-0-60

Bagged Fertilizer 

12-12-12                 19-19-19

6-24-24                   18-46-0

46-0-0                     0-0-60

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Agricultural &
Pellet Lime

We also stock both AG & pellet lime in both bags and bulk. We also have spreaders available for you to use at no additional charge.

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